What’s Catching My Eye

From the iWatch to TV watching, five-time Grammy nominee and jazz musician Chris Walden shares the season’s most intriguing finds.



Chris Walden

Valley town: Studio City
Job title: Composer/arranger
Current endeavor: Big-band
album Full-On


What new movie are you looking forward to?

Unbroken. I read the book, and I’m curious how Angelina Jolie interpreted it for the screen. Also my friend Alexandre Desplat is writing the music to it.

What music are you really loving right now?

I really like Dirty Loops, the new band from Sweden that just got signed by David Foster. Their musicianship is unparalleled.

How do you listen to music at home?

I listen to music while I cook dinner, on iTunes off of my laptop, connected to speakers.

Nightstand book?

Recently I read Erik Larson’s In The Garden Of Beasts, which I found particularly interesting because my parents experienced those events firsthand. It is set in the late-1930s in Berlin—Hitler’s rise to power. The book tells the story from the viewpoint of the American ambassador to Germany and his family.

Fave Websites?

I mostly visit websites for news, but my favorite website is imslp.org, the Petrucci Music Library, where I find all kinds of music scores from my favorite composers to study.


Vivino, because I like to broaden my knowledge about wine. You take a photo of the label, and it tells you the rating and average price. And Uber, the best way to get around, especially when I’m traveling.

TV guilty pleasure?

To me TV itself is a guilty pleasure and a waste of time, because after a while I realize I’d rather read a book or be with my wife and kids.

Tempted to get the iPhone 6?

I use an iPhone 4, and that still serves me well.

What about the new Apple iWatch?

I wouldn’t trade my Rolex for anything.



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