Pretzels Los Angeles

West Coast Pretzels Brings a Taste of Philly to L.A.

A nostalgic Philly native brings the soft pretzels of his youth to L.A. Now the Studio City resident runs delivery-only West Coast Pretzels.

Soft pretzels are practically a birthright in Philadelphia and nearby Pennsylvania Dutch country but have largely been absent in L.A.—until now. Philly native and Studio City resident Kevin Bricklin describes his delivery-only business, West Coast Pretzels, as “the first and only soft pretzel bakery in L.A.” His pretzels stand out not just because the product is a rarity in this neck of the woods but due to their high quality.

Kevin, who bakes at his home with all the necessary permits, makes three types of pretzels—all combining chewy coats with soft centers. Varieties include single and double twists and a version coated with a crust of sharp, molten Cheddar Jack cheese.

He consulted with two successful pretzel bakers over the past two years: one person in Germany and another in Philly who’s been in business since 1965. Kevin soaked up their knowledge and ultimately settled on a vegan pretzel that avoids butter and olive oil but still delivers the style’s signature soft chew.

For now West Coast Pretzels is limited to Saturday bakes and deliveries, since Kevin still has a day job as a licensing executive at Warner Bros. His hope is that sales will eventually warrant retail locations. Order here.


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