Shawarma Encino

TzaBar Makes Stupendous Shawarma in Encino’s Super Sal Market

TzaBar is tucked into Encino’s Super Sal Market and delivers “a taste of Israel” to shoppers, including stupendous shawarma made using meat from the butcher shop in back.

Some of the Boulevard’s best Israeli cooking exists not in local restaurants but in Kosher markets. TzaBar is a fast/casual food counter near the entrance to Encino’s newly refurbished Super Sal Market that serves some serious shawarma.

TzaBar promises “a taste of Israel,” including two types of juicy, well-seasoned shawarma made using meat broken down at the butcher shop in back of Super Sal. Choose from marinated beef-and-chicken or lamb, both cooked on vertical spits, shaved and griddled to order. Four vessels are available: baguette, laffa, pita or plate. Select unlimited accompaniments from a bar with stainless steel bins of dips, pickles, salads and sauces.

I ordered a plate with a mix of both shawarmas, crispy fried eggplant, creamy hummus, spicy chile sauce and aspicy green Yemeni sauce called zhug. Each plate comes with one disc of warm, fluffy pita.

Falafel, schnitzel, chicken kabob, chicken thigh and merguez sausage are also available to order, and steam bins tout still more comfort foods. Options may include chicken leg quarters in teriyaki sauce, meatballs stewed with peas, vegetable patties and flaky burekas, plus the odd Chinese food dish like lo mein and General Tso’s chicken.

House specials vary by day, but include couscous (Wednesday, Friday), Moroccan fish (Thursday, Friday), mafrum (Wednesday, Friday), goulash (Tuesday) and moussaka (Friday). No matter what you order, TzaBar provides a terrific option to grab-and-go or eat on the patio under an awning. Just don’t show up on Saturday; TzaBar and Super Sal are closed for Shabbat.

17555 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 310-925-2555

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