The Sushi House: Select Sushi Still Up to 50% Off

The Sushi House in Studio City continues sushi discounts long after opening.

Sushi: so small, yet so spendy. If you are masochistic enough to Google the most expensive restaurants in our area, inevitably sushi restaurants appear on the list (Asanebo, anyone?)

But Studio City’s The Sushi House is doing something about it. When this new strip mall haunt opened last spring, the restaurant offered some of its tempting rolls with nutty names (Crazy Boy, Hot Night, Sweet Hawaiian) for as much as half off. But holy Green Giant Roll—more than  a year later and they’re still discount-priced and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Sweet Hawaiian offers one of the deepest discounts ($14 down to $7.95).

It’s maybe not Ventura Boulevard’s fanciest sushi experience, but it’s a fun place with great food … and you may feel confident that when you decide to try just one more tasty roll you won't have to sell your car. Online reviews are very positive—and if you don't trust the 'net, just ask Henry and Annie, proprietors of Great Nails Salon two doors down.

The Sushi House, 11388 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-506-3162

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