Thanksgiving Cup or Cone

Through November 22, five Thanksgiving dinner flavors are available by the scoop, pint or part of a flight at all L.A. Salt & Straw parlors, including Studio City.

Thanksgiving evokes images of a family-style feast with a bronzed turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie. Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw’s chef and co-founder, sees the world through waffle cone glasses, so his versions are all immortalized as ice cream flavors. Through November 22, five Thanksgiving dinner flavors are available by the scoop, pint or part of a flight at all L.A. parlors, including Studio City.

Tyler recounts childhood Thanksgiving memories, saying, “Growing up, my parents’ cooking was rather bland. It’s hard to identify the origins of their cooking style. They both come from small towns in Montana, meaning all of their recipes consisted of some sort of careful blend of packet-spices, a jar of mayo and a couple cans of veggies. At Salt & Straw, I wanted to put together Thanksgiving ice cream flavors that heavily nodded to those traditional recipes but in ways that told genuine stories about the ingredients that make Oregon great [where the company was founded].” Each creation is designed to mirror a course you’d find on a classic Thanksgiving table.

Sweet potato casserole ice cream with maple pecans comes topped with “hand-churned ribbons” of house-made maple marshmallow fluff. Buttered, ultra-savory mashed potato ice cream comes stirred with gravy fudge with hints of chocolate and coffee. In L.A. and San Francisco only, Salt & Straw is serving stuffing made with roasted persimmons, walnuts, bourbon raisins, olive oil, salt, pepper and coriander. Goat cheese ice cream comes sprinkled with pumpkin pie spices and folded with mashed pumpkin, mimicking a silky pumpkin pie.

Finally, no Thanksgiving is complete without turkey. Their salted caramel Thanksgiving turkey features turkey stock reduced into caramel with sugar, spices and onions. Bits of crispy, candy-coated turkey skin further help mimic a luscious roasted bird.

Bonus: For every Thanksgiving pint sold, Salt & Straw is donating one pint to a local charity working to alleviate hunger. Here in L.A., Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is the beneficiary.

12180½ Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-358-2890

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