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Tel Aviv Fish Grill Builds on Israeli Restaurant Group Success in Tarzana

The partners behind popular Tel Aviv Grill recently opened Tel Aviv Fish Grill in Tarzana, serving each fish plate with Israeli “tapas,” hummus and pita.

With two locations in the Valley, Tel Aviv Grill has been extremely popular for shawarma and kebabs. Now the owners of that operation have come up with a new concept: Tel Aviv Fish Grill in Tarzana. The eatery features Israeli fish preparations with an array of side dishes.

Here is my favorite reason for going: barbounia ($22)—deep-fried red mullet with with reddish-orange skin and flaky white meat. The restaurant’s only wild-caught fish comes from England and arrives in a stack of three with garlic and parsley and plated with tangy yogurt cilantro sauce and a squeezable sliced lemon.

Most of the fish options are farmed, sourced domestically as well as from Turkey and Mexico. In all, the Grill serves nine fish preparations, ranging from whole butterflied branzino in punchy harissa and pickled lemon sauce to tender grouper “steak” with arak butter sauce.

Entrees range from $16 to 25, and come with an array of complimentary small plates. My barbounia included fluffy pita, hummus musabaha (topped with hot stewed garbanzo beans), creamy tahini, fiery hot sauce, smoky baba ghanouj, roasted peppers, marinated olives and pickles, Israeli “pico de gallo” with shaved garlic and sliced jalapeño, egg salad and roasted Greek-style eggplant folded with peppers. That’s not to mention the complimentary side of French fries, rice, Israeli chopped salad or taboon-cooked vegetables.

Breakfast is available all day with limited options: the simmered tomato and egg stew called shakshuka, or a feast of eggs with 12 different Israeli “tapas.”

Patrons order at the counter. My advice: Come only if you’re hungry.

19014 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, 818-774-9400

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