Sweet Rose Creamery Coming to Tujunga Village

Sweet Rose Creamery’s artisanal organic scoops head over the hill to Studio City.

Apparently Studio City’s Tujunga Village needs ice cream on both sides of the street: Sweet Rose Creamery, already offering its artisanal, locally-sourced organic scoops in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Mid-City and most recently Pacific Palisades, will be opening a new shop in mid-September on charming Tujunga Avenue.  

The new ice cream emporium, still under construction, sits almost directly across the street from the popular Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe. But then one features gelato, one has ice cream (higher butter fat content), and The Sauce definitely wants both—maybe even in the same day (it would be a shame to waste the parking space).

Sweet Rose Creamery is noted for small batches and seasonal flavors, including Caffe Luxxe, salted caramel and a current favorite: summer corn. The treat below is summer corn and cherry on a chocolate waffle cone.

Sweet Rose gave the neighborhood a taste of its wares in late August, parking a pop-up catering cart on Tujunga Avenue. A spokeswoman says there may be more pop-ups to come before the grand opening. Keep an eye on Instagram and the Sweet Rose Facebook page.

4377 Tujunga Avenue (that's the former address of the space, formerly occupied by Daydreamer Boutique). No phone number yet. Visit Sweet Rose website for updates.

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