Woodcrest School

Founded in 1969, Woodcrest School serves students in grades K–8 and offers an early childhood program for children ages 2–6. For the past 53 years the school has partnered with Valley Trails Camp to offer winter, spring and summer camps in the San Fernando Valley.

Tell us about your mission.

“The mission of Woodcrest School is to provide students with a superior academic education, enrichment and leadership skills, strength of character and social responsibility. Our community of teachers, administrators and parents work together to nurture successful and motivated students with the skills needed to reach their highest potential. We offer individualized instruction and small class sizes in a nurturing environment where every child belongs.”

What does your school offer that makes kids say “Wow!”? 

“Our newly opened STEAM lab is complete with interactive and hands-on learning, 3D printers, marble wall and other state-of-the-art technology. It is designed to provide students of all ages with an innovative and collaborative learning experience that combines opportunities for taking risks, problem-based learning and hands-on opportunities. We recognize that technological innovation is prompting societal change at a pace unprecedented in human history. Teaching any specific technology is not the point; our goal is to teach adaptability, collaboration and understanding. We are driven by the concept that the careers we are preparing our students for have not yet been created.”  

What are some of the extracurricular activities you offer? 

“Woodcrest School students have a variety of opportunities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore their leadership potential and have their voices heard by participating in student government, after-school clubs and enrichment activities. Woodcrest students learn the democratic process through our student council program. The student council leadership team is elected by their peers to speak on behalf of their classmates to develop programming and policy with school administrators.

Woodcrest educates the whole child by providing a rich and diverse menu of after-school opportunities to develop a passion or a new skill. We encourage students to try out a new class each quarter. This helps with meeting new friends, building communication skills and developing a newfound hobby that can flourish. Some of our more recent classes include chess, martial arts, swimming and cooking. Our middle school students have a robust robotics team, and our students compete regionally. Woodcrest’s students also participate in basketball, volleyball, cheer, soccer, swimming and long-distance running.”

How does your school empower children to grow? 

“Three underlying qualities are essential to student success at Woodcrest. First, our students appreciate the value of relationships. Because they feel comfortable in their learning environment, they make lasting connections with teachers and staff to create a sense of safety and trust. They build lasting friendships with their peers to promote fun and happiness across campus. Every student’s emotional needs are met through a close partnership with staff and families.

Second, our children show readiness and motivation to learn. Students at Woodcrest demonstrate academic potential at or above grade level, so they’re adept at the rigor of traditional instruction. As they grow, they’re able to understand their strengths and learning styles to individualize their understanding and take content to the next level. This combination of instruction and authentic experience sets the stage for lifelong learners prepared to excel in the real world.

Third, students at Woodcrest demonstrate a growth mindset. Our children understand that some things are challenging. As students learn the importance of grit, determination and resilience, they become comfortable facing adversity and trying new things. Ultimately, our students can transform their understanding of themselves to carve a successful path to their future.”

How is your school helping kids cope with stress?

“We teach tolerance, respect and acceptance. Using the Sanford Harmony curriculum, teachers have everything they need to successfully integrate social-emotional learning with lessons, activities, videos, stories, games and songs to encourage engaged learning. We embody the importance of a program and a community that teaches social and emotional skills necessary for life and academic success, but also where laughter, play, and the enjoyment of being with friends in a safe and nurturing community are paramount.”

How can parents best invest in their kids’ success? 

“Woodcrest parents are active partners in their children’s school through Woodcrest Parents Group, which offers many ways to be involved. We believe that participation at any level will ensure that parents are engaged—whether it’s as room parents, at a schoolwide event, or at various campaigns and fundraising efforts. These are wonderful opportunities to meet fellow parents and participate within the school community.”

How do your teachers acknowledge students? 

“We have a widely celebrated student of the month program and a quarterly accelerated reader program—spotlighting students who have attained personal reading goals. Students look forward to their opportunity to earn this award and be recognized publicly at our monthly assembly.”