Wise School

Wise School was founded in 1977 and today enrolls 600 students from Parenting Center classes (ages 3 months to 2 years) through grade 6. In addition to offering an academic curriculum and Jewish education, the school also offers extracurricular activities in music, athletics, robotics, debate, student council and various other subjects.

What are your school’s academic strengths?

“The California Association for the Gifted awarded Wise School the Five Star Award in recognition for its use of the standards for gifted education for all students, and for being a model to show how gifted education can be generalized to affect all children in a school. Wise School is honored to be one of just four schools—and the only Jewish day school—to receive this prestigious award.     This acknowledgement of Wise School’s work in partnership with faculty members from the USC Rossier School of Education is not only an honor; it demonstrates that the Wise Learning Process is recognized statewide as a model for cutting-edge educational practices. Our process is grounded in the belief that all children have the capacity, creativity and curiosity to engage in gifted education strategies and learning opportunities.”

In what ways do you teach healthy living at Wise School?

“Wise School actively encourages all stakeholders to live a healthy lifestyle. We have an anti-idling campaign for our carpool line, we’ve planted an organic vegetable garden to promote healthy eating, and we are focusing more on water conservation and how to make our campus greener. Through our partnership with the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, our children have enjoyed many opportunities to develop greater awareness and the capacity to welcome life ‘as is’ with ease.”

How does family involvement make your school a better place?

“Wise School parents are the life and blood of our school. Under the umbrella of our Wise Parents Association, parents can choose a variety of ways to get involved in our school.”

What sets Wise School apart from the rest?

“In a first-of-its-kind partnership, we are proud to be collaborating with the USC Rossier School of Education. This pioneering program provides students access to gifted education strategies that offer a truly individualized approach to gifted education curriculum. We inspire our students to imagine limitless possibilities, and then we give them the skills they need to realize their dreams.”