VS Associates, Inc.

  • Valentino Scott, Chairman & CEO
    Rachel Scott, President

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    8501 Fallbrook Ave.,
    Suite 220, West Hills

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    Trusted Advisors

Above L to R: Tom Krutilek, Malcolm McNeil, Valentino Scott, Rachel Scott, Sean Burr, Ken McCabe


The VS Associates team of financial advisors guides clients in reaching their retirement and investment goals by developing a strategic, comprehensive financial plan that’s tailored to maximize the potential of each client’s unique situation. Chairman and CEO Valentino Scott and president Rachel Scott are the principals of the company.

What does it take to earn the label “trusted advisor”?

Consistency, integrity and experience. Financial planning is an emotional journey. Providing clients with the right framework and comprehensive analysis so they can make informed decisions is a key element a trusted advisor can provide. Clients need a road map, and we strive to make it understandable and seamless.

What problems do you solve for clients? 

Many clients come to us with either a loosely defined retirement plan or an out-of-date plan. We help them evaluate achievable goals, review their current financial situation and structure a realistic plan to achieve their retirement income objectives.

In what ways is your industry changing?

It will be no surprise that software technology is a major benefit to our clients. We now have financial software in place to help clients visualize and understand where they are currently and where they can be in the future.

What skills are necessary to achieve success in your industry?

The financial markets are complex, and this requires strong analytical skills in order to interpret and formulate recommendations. Interpersonal communication skills are also important, since you are communicating important information to a variety of different personalities and helping people make decisions best suited to their particular circumstances.

How do you help clients avoid making rash decisions?

We help our clients focus on the long term. We educate them on evaluating market swings and staying focused on the long game so they avoid making rash decisions and stay on track to achieve their goals.

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