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    Bill Youngblood/Viewpoint School

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Founded in 1961, Viewpoint School offers an enriched college preparatory program on a 40-acre campus located in the scenic foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Under the leadership of head of school Mark McKee, Viewpoint’s faculty and staff implement the school’s mission: to inspire a love of learning and to develop qualities in the students that provide strength and direction for a lifetime.

What would you like kids and parents to know about Viewpoint School?

“Serving 1,215 students allows us to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional independent school. We offer a wide breadth of courses and abundant opportunities for our students to stretch themselves in their academics, athletics, the arts, service to the community and to shape their own unique paths in life.

As a K–12 school, the culture of extraordinary learning and compassion begins with our youngest students and sets a warm, intellectually vibrant tone for the entire community. Whether a student’s passion is for oceanography, documentary filmmaking, ancient languages, designing self-driving cars or community service, Viewpoint’s expert teachers challenge their students to pursue their interests to the greatest possible extent—thus discovering their capacity for curiosity and hard work. This approach instills within the students a lifelong love of learning and a confidence in their own abilities.”

How does your school prepare students for success in the 21st century?

“In order to prepare our students for success in the 21st century and careers that have yet to be invented, Viewpoint offers a program with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. With an understanding of the latest developments in neuroscience, child development and the brain, we offer learning environments equipped with the technology, tools and space needed for students to create and to explore in all areas of the curriculum.

As global citizens it is imperative for our students to be engaged with the world—locally, nationally and internationally—and our teachers are dedicated to making these connections at every opportunity. Whether in film or orchestra, team sports or Model UN, AP physics or world literature, Viewpoint prepares our graduates to live happy and fulfilled lives as lifelong learners and productive, active citizens who serve their communities.”