Valley International Preparatory High School

Valley International Preparatory High School (VIP) was formed in 2018 and is temporarily located on the Chatsworth High campus. The charter school plans to move to its own 30,000-square-foot facility in the Northridge/Reseda area in early 2021, where it will cap its enrollment at 400 students. VIP features small classes and curriculum that includes a new two-year AP Capstone course, as well as individualized college counseling and learning programs.

Describe your learning environment.

“VIP offers a melding of rigorous standards with progressive approaches that include project-based and constructivist learning. Our mission is to prepare students for college through a variety of stimulating and challenging instructional methodologies, an extensive college counseling process that focuses on finding the right fit for every student, and an advisory program that fosters self-reflection, self-expression and self-actualization.”

How does your school support students’ passions?

“For a small program, our young school has garnered noteworthy accolades and college placements. Our speech and debate team has earned numerous titles at the local, state and national levels, being named for the last two years as a Top 10 Speech and Debate Program in America at the National Speech and Debate Association Finals. We are the 2018 Los Angeles County Mock Trial Champions and two-time Los Angeles County Get Lit poetry slam champions. Our theatre group is a Drama Teachers Association of Southern California winner, and we have a unique contemporary music singer-songwriter/production program. Also, among our students are a female barrel racing/rodeo champion as well as an aspiring large-scale themed-entertainment designer.”

What makes your school a great place to work?

“Some education professionals recently toured VIP during school hours and offered the following comment: ‘Students were engaged in a high level of academic discussion. In every room we saw students interacting positively with each other and with their teacher. We felt an electricity of creativity and a vibe that was extremely warm and positive, which the kids responded to in kind.’”

Tell us about your school’s history.

“VIP was granted its charter on December 12, 2018, by Los Angeles Unified School District. Although VIP technically opened as a new school in August 2018, its administration and the majority of its teachers and students comprised the school iLEAD North Hollywood, which closed in June 2018. Fall 2018 marked the entity’s new beginning as a stand-alone charter school—without the oversight of a charter management organization.”