Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School

Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School is a K–6 Jewish elementary school in Encino celebrating its 40th anniversary. The school offers two classes per grade with an average of 16 students per class, as well as an award- winning athletic program, an Innovation Lab, an art studio and extracurricular activities such as robotics, musical theatre, chess, invention club and visual arts.

What is your driving force every day?

“Emotional intelligence defines academic success and is the foundation of personal growth. We partner with the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence and offer our students daily opportunities to recognize and regulate emotions as part of the learning process. This is intrinsically linked with Jewish practice and values at our school.”

How do you get to know your students and their interests?

“Teacher connection is integral in assessing the type of learners in our classrooms and loving them for who they are. Administrators, the school psychologist, teachers and student support specialists meet throughout the year to measure and celebrate the progress and potential of each child at student support team meetings.”

How does family involvement make VBS a better place?

“Parents = Partners in educating the whole child. Our parents support the mission of our school through active involvement in building community. Parents support our sports program, booster school spirit, celebrate with us the rich Jewish calendar and are a driving force for making things happen! They selflessly share their time, ideas and experience.”

What are VBS Day school’s academic strengths?

“We meet the needs of every learner through small-group, differentiated instruction. Accelerated options and extra learning support create a diverse student body where each child can reach their potential. Science, math, literature and art stand side by side with Hebrew and Judaic instruction.”

How do you make our community a better place?

“Our students take part firsthand in making the world a better place. This is the legacy of our namesake, Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis: As spiritual beings it is imperative that we transform our world for good. Design thinking projects that answer the essential questions are embedded in our curriculum. Each year on Hineni Action Day, our school goes out into the community to make a difference.”