Tulsi Spa Ayurveda
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  • The El Royale Gardens Hotel

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    Ayurvedic practitioner Ellie Afshar and client Raii Chowdhury

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Tulsi Spa Ayurveda is a full-service, holistic wellness center founded by Lissa Coffey and Robert Sherman this April. Since 1997, Lissa has written 17 books and several e-courses on Ayurveda and Vedic sciences. Robert has extensive experience in the hospitality business and wanted to include an Ayurvedic spa in the El Royale Gardens Hotel’s offerings for guests. The two met when Robert saw Lissa’s “Ayurveda” license plate, and the rest is history!     Tulsi Spa has three Ayurvedic practitioners as well as Ayurvedic wellness consultants and energy workers who offer a range of Ayurvedic services, consultations, treatments and add-on therapies.

For those who aren’t familiar, what is Ayurveda?

“Ayurveda is the 5,000-year old ‘science of life’ from India. Ayurveda is a sister-science with yoga and meditation, and it is known as the art of living in harmony with nature. It’s a very holistic practice that focuses on all areas of life, body, mind and spirit.”

What common conditions do you treat?

“We have an amazing program for autism spectrum disorders. It’s holistic and realistic, and our practitioners have seen great results with their clients. We treat pain, headaches, digestive disorders, cellulite—pretty much any condition can be helped with Ayurveda. Tulsi also has an Ayurvedic esthetician on staff to provide luxurious, anti-aging Ayurvedic facials!”

What’s the best way to calm stressed nerves?

“Abhyanga is a warm, herbalized oil massage that soothes the nervous system and helps the skin release toxins. When we pair that with Shirodhara, our signature treatment where oil is streamed over the forehead, stress just melts away. Customers always leave with a smile, floating just a little bit. It’s a favorite bliss therapy!”

Why did you choose this location for your business?

“Tulsi Spa Ayurveda is located inside the El Royale Gardens Hotel on Ventura Boulevard. The hotel has been beautifully remodeled and upgraded. We love that customers can stay over and have a retreat experience when they need one. Each treatment room has its own bathroom with shower—you have a lot of privacy. You don’t need to go all the way to India to experience authentic Ayurveda. It’s all right here in Studio City!”