The Wesley School

Established in 1999 by a group of parents after the closing of St. Michael’s in Studio City, The Wesley School is a coeducational K-8 independent day school now located in North Hollywood. The school offers a variety of arts and after-school enrichment classes and a competitive sports program.

How do you ensure your school stands out?

“We place importance on diversity, equity and inclusivity, and we take pride in our community. We believe that a community that recognizes and values all the ways that we differ is a strong community. We know that flourishing as a community means creating an environment where all of our members are engaged, connected and feel respected.”

How does your school support students’ passions?

“Feeling known and valued in a community breeds self-confidence in young people. And a strong sense of self is often a launchpad for expanding one’s indepen-dence and seeking one’s passions. Our school offers a variety of opportunities for students to further their personal and social development, all while exploring and finding their own passions. For instance, on Saturday, May 16, Wesley will host our annual talent show and outdoor festival, Wesley Palooza, and all are invited.”

Do your teachers encourage teamwork in students’ lives?

“You can walk into any classroom at Wesley and see students collaborating with one another or using problem-solving skills to complete group projects. Students are encouraged to work together; through teamwork we teach them the big skills that transfer across disciplines—skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking.”

Tell us how families get involved at your school.

“The Wesley School Parents’ Association plays an integral role in our school’s daily life. Composed of every family at Wesley, the association allows parents to experience first-hand the ‘family feeling’ that makes Wesley so special. More than 25 active committees operate under the umbrella of the Parents’ Association, and all parents are strongly encouraged to become involved with at least one committee.”

Why do you believe in the K–8 school model?

“We truly believe that the K–8 model is the best choice for children. It provides a safe space for children to come of age at an appropriate pace—a place where they can avoid some of the social pressures found in a secondary school environment, have the opportunity to be mentors to their younger peers and be leaders on and around campus. This allows us to provide them the academic foundation to be very successful in the next step of their academic journey.”