The Wesley School

The Wesley School is a coeducational K–8 independent day school established in 1999. Wesley offers a diverse community, small instructional groups, a plethora of after-school enrichment classes, a competitive sports program, and middle school electives in art, music, dance, technology, performance and design.

Why do you believe in the K–8 school model?

“It provides a safe space for children to come of age at an appropriate pace, and a place where they can avoid some of the social pressures found in a secondary school environment. As middle schoolers, our students have the opportunity to be mentors to their younger peers and to be leaders on and around campus. The well-rounded and exemplary academic program ensures that our graduates are ready to take on the best high schools in the Los Angeles area. They are more mature and better equipped to handle the rigors of their next educational chapters, thanks to the extra two years we give them to blossom and prepare in a safe place.”

Does your school give kids a window into other cultures?

“The Wesley School is passionate about being an inclusive community, and we continue to work diligently toward providing a space where all our members feel safe and appreciated. Three times a week we have morning Community, where we learn lessons, tackle difficult questions, and share experiences often related to different cultures, traditions and/or religious holidays. We are committed to helping children learn more about the multiple aspects of their identity, to communicate and collaborate while honoring those differences in background and perspective, and to engage as active citizens in our school, community and the world.”

How does Wesley promote a healthy lifestyle?

“Physical education is a part of the Wesley curriculum beginning with our youngest students. Fitness builds a healthy body, mind and overall lifestyle. About 75% of our students participate in our competitive after-school sports program. We are inclusive and supportive, so even children who are not necessarily natural-born athletes feel comfortable giving sports a try, as well as taking a risk in a safe environment. Additionally, mindfulness is a fully integrated part of our daily lives and curriculum at Wesley. By providing parent education sessions, we empower parents to continue at home what our students take part in during the school day.”

How does your school support those in need?

“Our Service Learning encourages students to address real needs in the community—connecting their educational experiences to life beyond the school environment by raising money and awareness, championing causes and volunteering. They learn firsthand the value of social responsibility and citizenship.”