The Higher Path Collective

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    14080 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks

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    Ali Beaton (vendor coordinator/manager) Amy Lau-Meza (manager) Megan Fisher (social media director) Jessica Martin (general manager) Hanna Mocaby (manager) Adrienne Airhart (manager)

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    Women in Business

The Higher Path is a legal, licensed cannabis dispensary that serves medical patients and recreational consumers. The business has been licensed since 2006, and owner Jerred Kiloh opened the Sherman Oaks location in 2013. A 20+-year veteran of the cannabis industry, Jerred noticed a lack of dispensaries geared toward the needs of women. He has ensured that The Higher Path not only focuses on female consumers but is also predominately run by women.

“We aim to be examples of how cannabis users can be productive, successful members of society.”

What inspired you to choose to work in this industry?

“Each member of our management team was drawn to the cannabis industry for different reasons, but what we all have in common is a passion for helping others. Most of us were medical patients prior to being employed in the industry, and we’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of this plant. The positive experiences we’ve each had with cannabis in our personal lives led us to enter the industry so we could help other people have positive experiences as well. We aim to be examples of how cannabis users can be productive, successful members of society.”

Advice for women going into your line of work?

“For a long time the cannabis industry has been predominately run by men, but in recent years there has definitely been an increase in the representation of women working in cannabis. The best advice we could give to women looking to enter the industry is to know their worth. You have to be confident in your knowledge of the plant.

Working in this field requires a great deal of compassion, especially since there are sick people coming to us looking for relief. The cannabis industry in California is experiencing a great deal of growth thanks to recreational legalization. Now is a fantastic time to get involved!”

What would you like readers to know?

“Our aim has always been to bring this industry that has operated in the shadows for so long into the light and to promote a positive, healthy relationship with cannabis. We’re here to change the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis by being a source of information that our members can trust. If you’re new to cannabis and have questions or are just generally nervous about visiting a dispensary for the first time, we hope you’ll come see us.”