The Buckley School

The Buckley School was founded in 1933 by Dr. Isabelle Buckley, who started the school as a kindergarten on Doheny Drive. After expanding to four locations across the city, Buckley was consolidated on one campus in Sherman Oaks in 1967, where today it is a K–12 coed day school.

How do you ensure your school stands out?

“When we wrote our mission statement three years ago, we chose to make diversity, equity and inclusion prominent. This commitment permeates every aspect of our school, from our hiring practices and admission priorities to our curriculum. Our new head of school, Alona Scott, is deeply passionate about this commitment and seeing it become one of Buckley’s defining aspirations.”

How does your school support students’ passions?

“Buckley supports student passions at every stage of development, from the kindergarten play yard all the way up to the high school research lab. Whether someone has a passion for intense academic study through high-level coursework, or for developing their own invention, business, project or artwork, Buckley supports that student. We are fortunate to have the resources and dedicated faculty to lift up everyone, no matter their interest.

One student this year developed wearable GPS jewelry that can track missing children, with a patent pending. Another became a four-year wrestling league champion. An eighth grader built a modular cello from scratch. Buckley is a place where students can dream and dream big.”

What do you see kids doing to make this world a better place?

“Our students are encouraged to, as stated in our mission, ‘make an impact in the world.’ This is done individually and in groups—whether studying how to grow food in soil on Mars or developing an app to measure stress in teens. Every seventh grade student completes a Community Action Project that combines a student’s individual passion with an impactful service initiative. Past years’ themes have included water, women’s rights and refugees.”

What makes The Buckley School a great place to work?

“Buckley’s administrative team believes in supporting teachers, just as our teachers support students. We know that teachers are lifelong learners, so we’ve prioritized a robust professional development budget that stokes teachers’ curiosity, keeps their skills and knowledge current, and allows for collaboration, travel and leadership opportunities as speakers and presenters across the country. We want our employees to be a close-knit community, so we also provide daily catered lunches for them to enjoy together.”