The A-List Tutoring Services, Inc.

The A-List is a full-service tutoring and admissions consulting company that provides private, in-home academic tutoring, test prep and consulting for independent/public school (preschool through 12th grade) and college admissions. Owners Alexis White and Carolyn White are a mother-daughter team who together have close to 50 years of experience in education.

Tell us something unique about your company.

“We provide ‘crib-to-dorm’ admissions and tutoring services. We can support families from preschool selection through college and also work with students who have learning differences. We pay frequent visits to the schools we recommend and stay up-to-date on the admissions landscape. The goal is to find the best match and never to place prestige above fit. We motivate our older students to become active in their communities and apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences. This helps students develop a strong sense of self as they go into college admissions, so the process is less daunting.”

What is the #1 way the A-LIST helps children become productive adults?

“We work with many different kinds of learners and adapt our tutoring and consulting methods to fit their needs. In the process we give students tools to advocate for themselves. For example, in the secondary school and college application processes, we help students learn how to write proper thank-you notes and circle back with busy professionals, which are keys to success in college and in life. This equips children to become adults who aren’t afraid to take risks.”

Tell us about a recent success story.

Carolyn: “The Greenfelds came to us for help applying to kindergarten. After getting to know the family and their child, I recommended a school that had not been on their radar and was totally different from any of the schools on their original list. Now they can’t imagine their child anywhere else, and the experience has been life-changing for the entire family.”’

Alexis: “I began working with Jake during his junior year of high school. An athlete, he dreamed of a career in sports. I set him up with a summer internship and leadership program and encouraged him to apply to an undergraduate business school with a sports management department. This fall his mother sent me a photo of him at his first-choice school and wrote, ‘Thanks again for all of your guidance. We couldn’t have done it without you!”