Steffi Gaines &
Devyn Reggio

A Better Way in Home Care is a private caregiving referral agency that provides hourly and live-in assistance for clients. The agency offers companionship, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping and other caregiving services, and assistance during recovery from surgery. Mother-daughter team Steffi Gaines and Devyn Reggio are co-owners of this business that has served Los Angeles County since 1998.

In what ways do you empower other women to succeed in business?

“We believe in being accessible. The willingness to lend an attentive ear, to offer mentorship and to help assuage any fear that invariably comes knocking at the door of every new entrepreneur is empowering. Our business is one of human connections, and we believe in the concept of paying it forward. Often our words of encouragement may seem familiar to us, yet one sentence can be the catalyst that speaks life into another person’s dream.”

When did you first consider working in the caregiving industry?

Steffi: “This is not my first career path. I didn’t discover my passion and what I love to do—which is this business—until I was in my late 40s and life was throwing me a curveball. Prior to starting A Better Way, I enjoyed working with the disabled and with refugees who were new to this country, helping them assimilate into society. It’s the ‘art of caregiving’ that’s become my calling. And it came to me later in life disguised as a silver lining: a long-term relationship was ending, and my life was shifting. My ex encouraged me to start this business, since my twin sister had at one time been in the same business, and he had an instinct that I would succeed. Twenty-three years later, I’ve loved every moment. The saying ‘It’s never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ rings true.”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur?

Devyn: “I’m the mother of three young boys under the age of 7.

I love being their mother. Many of the skills I engage while I am parenting are skills that translate well with successful entrepreneurship: being an active listener; instinctively being protective and nurturing of what you’re building; learning to become a perceptive problem-solver. Children teach us patience and compassion, and they bring joy to our lives. Instilling the same humanity into our business is always a positive thing. Clients appreciate working with a business owner who is authentic and approachable.”