Southern California Center for Surgical Arts

In practice for 10 years, Dr. Husam Elias is dually trained in cosmetic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery. He practices at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, which has been in existence in the same location for more than 35 years.

What would you like patients to know about you?

“With a background in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, I have developed a unique practice that encompasses a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. My goal is to deliver the most natural cosmetic results with a gentle and artistic touch.”

What inspired you to be a doctor?

“I chose to pursue a career in cosmetic and maxillofacial surgery because of the opportunity to combine art, science and technical skill to improve the lives of my patients.”

How do you provide personalized attention to patients?

“My patients are my family members. I always make time to sit and listen to them. I try to put myself in their shoes to understand their concerns and address any of their questions.”

Tell us about recent developments in medicine.

“Virtual surgery and 3-D printing have been a tremendous addition to contemporary surgical practice. They have led to a more accurate prediction of surgical outcomes and reduction in the length of surgery. We use these technologies on a daily basis in treatment planning for most cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.”

What is your area of expertise?

“Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We are known nationally and internationally for natural breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, complex facial reconstructions and dental implantology.”

Is there a common concern you often hear?

“In our busy lifestyle, speedy recovery is the most common concern for our patients. We utilize strict protocols before and after surgery to ensure positive outcomes and fast recovery.”

Tell us about your family.

“I am married to Dr. Zainab Mahmoud, world-class physician, supermom and the love of my life. We have one son, Nadir, my pride and joy.”

What do you do when not working?

“I am an avid sports enthusiast and love to watch professional sports. I play golf whenever I have a chance and love to travel to see new places and experience new cultures.”