Providence Tarzana
Medical Center

The Emergency Department of Providence Tarzana Medical Center is an interdisciplinary team of 30 highly trained emergency physicians—including specialty physicians like cardiologists and radiologists—as well as pathologists, nurses, respiratory therapists and technicians. This group provides emergency care to the community around the clock.

What do you want patients to know?

“At Providence Tarzana we practice a whole-person care approach, serving clinical excellence with compassion and dignity. Our care team works hard to maintain a calm atmosphere and clearly communicate each patient’s treatment plan. We are here for you and want the very best for you. That’s the bottom line.”

How does technology enhance the patient experience?

“Telemedicine allows us to connect patients with offsite specialists via secure video conferencing technology, resulting in faster treatment and better patient outcomes. This is especially valuable in stroke cases, where every minute counts.”

Where do you see the future of hospital care?

“Health care is undergoing a significant time of change as hospitals focus on reducing costs, improving quality and enhancing the consumer experience. This might include making appointments from your smartphone, paying your bill on an app or even online check- in for appointments. Eventually you may be able to consult with a doctor or nurse by video before you drive to an emergency room or urgent care center. The delivery of health care is changing to provide more convenient and affordable care to consumers.”

Are there any exciting new projects on the horizon?

“As part of the medical center’s campus redesign —an investment of more than $500 million—the Emergency Department will be expanded to a 32-bed unit with a private ambulance entry and new patient entrance; all-new, private patient rooms; expanded diagnostic and treatment areas; and state-of-the-art equipment.”

How do you give back and support those in need?

“We are a mission-focused medical center rooted in community service and serving the underserved. We hold clothing collections year-round to ensure that homeless patients who come into the Emergency Department are discharged with dignity in clean clothing. We’ve recently rolled out the Du Coeur project to upcycle sterile surgical tool wraps into sleeping mats for homeless patients. To help address rising mental health and substance abuse issues, Providence Tarzana and its two sister hospitals in the Valley launched a patient navigator program to help enroll homeless patients into Tarzana Treatment Centers.”