Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

  • Operated by Burbank
    Emergency Medical Group

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    501 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank

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    Dr. Christian Herrera, Dr. Tina Wang, Dr. Philip Schwarzman, Dr. P. John Simic, Dr. Stephen Kishineff, Dr. Angelique Campen, Dr. Celina Barba-Simic, Dr. Roger Lai

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Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Emergency Department is operated by Burbank Emergency Medical Group, which was created in 1973 and was the first medical group in California to specialize in emergency medicine. Dr. Philip Schwarzman, the group’s president, has worked in health care for 42 years. His team of board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners provide full-service emergency care around the clock. The Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Emergency Department is a Paramedic Base Station, a Certified Stroke Center, a STEMI (acute heart attack) Receiving Center and is certified to provide pediatric emergency care.

What would you like readers to know about your team?

“Our doctors are top-notch—all highly trained and experienced in emergency medicine. We have always been at the forefront of the field, so we attract the best talent in the field to our medical group. Our mission and commitment is to provide the absolute best emergency care possible, to make efficient and accurate diagnoses, to alleviate pain in a compassionate and caring manner, and to treat you and your family as we would treat our own family.”

Is there a question you hear frequently?

“Many patients ask if we have a private practice, which is flattering. That means that they want to trust us with their care on a more regular basis as primary care physicians. Since we specialize in emergency medicine, this isn’t an option—but it still feels good to hear this from patients.”

What methods do you use to stay on top of current research and treatments?

“We are constantly reading and following the top journals/newsletters that focus on emergency medicine. Most of what we learned in medical school is obsolete, so it is critical that we keep up with the latest research.”

How does technology enhance the patient experience?

“We are enhancing the Emergency Department at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center to provide the best and newest life-saving technologies for everything from bedside diagnostic tools to on-site imaging, including ultrasound, X-ray and CT scans—all close to the patient so that their care is expedited as quickly as possible.”

Do you have a guilty pleasure that might not be considered “healthy”?

“The breakfast burrito in the Providence Saint Joseph cafeteria on Sundays!”