Oaks Christian School

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    Westlake Village

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    Blanca Schnobrich

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    All About Kids

Oaks Christian School is a nondenominational college preparatory day and boarding school serving grades 5–12. Founded in 2000, the school gives back to the community through local charitable organizations. The high school hosts 22 sports and 48 school teams, which have earned 165 league titles, 49 California Interscholastic Federation titles and seven California state titles. The middle school has also won several league titles. Schoolwide there are opportunities for theatre, dance, orchestra, band, strings and film.

What does your school offer that makes kids say “Wow!”?

“Oaks Christian is unique in that we have established our three institutes—Global Leadership, Engineering, and Arts and Innovation—which provide incredible opportunities for students who want to pursue those fields. Our institute model was recently featured in Forbes as the vanguard for 21st-century education. Students learn directly from teachers and advisors who are in those fields, such as our engineering teacher, who was the lead engineer on the Mars Rover power system, and Grammy Award winner Quincy Jones, who sits on the Institute of Arts and Innovation board.”

Does your school give kids a window into other cultures?

“Under the guidance of our director of world missions and community services, our students are given opportunities for educational and service-oriented international and domestic trips. These experiences provide real-life engagement with peoples and customs from other cultures. On campus we celebrate our diversity through events honoring Chinese New Year, Black History Month and International Women’s Month. Our residential life program often sponsors events for international students to share customs, foods and practices of their home countries, facilitating cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.”

How do you empower parents to promote a healthy lifestyle for their kids?

“We see our relationship with parents as a partnership whereby we support and encourage them as they raise their children. We offer regular Partnership with Parents seminars with experts in different fields related to child-rearing and educational and/or emotional concerns such as social media, healthy relationships, teens and nutrition, reducing stress on students and dealing with pandemic-related issues.”

Do you still offer hybrid learning?

“The majority of our students are back on campus, but through Oaks Christian Online we offer a hybrid program. Hybrid program students take rigorous college preparatory classes both on the physical campus and online and may participate in campus life, including sports, activities, chapel and advisory programs.”