Mixtures Interior Design

Describe the featured project.

“This is a contemporary home that was remodeled to reflect the client’s vision: opening up the common living space and allowing the floating fireplace to be a focal point. The challenge was to hold onto some existing larger walls to display artwork. By adding a 40-foot support beam, we were able to create the open space and still retain necessary walls. With this newly oriented area, we were able to custom design most of the furniture as well as the bar cabinetry and fireplace.”

What is unique about what you offer your clients?

“A good interior designer has to first listen to their client, even if you are not envisioning what they are trying to describe to you. It’s OK. That is why they are hiring you. They need your help, input and expertise all along the way. Psychology plays a huge role too. It’s important to be able to read a client and decipher what is important to them, and what can be omitted or redirected. Because I have been a designer for more than 25 years, this is the easy part. I also custom design and build a fair amount of the furniture, which allows me to achieve exactly the right proportion and furniture piece for a specific area. I have built solid relationships with talented, reliable and expert craftspeople, such as furniture makers and cabinet builders—all locally sourced.”

What excites you about what you do?

“There are so many styles of interior design. Design is endless, so you are never limited. Each project presents itself differently according to the client and their needs. Learning the scope of the project and dis-covering what it takes to bring the project to fruition can be a very exciting process; you are continually creating new environments. Whether I’m remodeling, doing a new build or just decorating, I’m not only creating people’s visual dream but also designing a space that functions more naturally for their particular lifestyle. I love a challenge, and because I have designed many different styles over the years, I’m not afraid to revisit something old and make it new again—or try something brand new.”

What new trends are you seeing?

“Interior design is like fashion. It has to be restyled and recreated after some time to make way for the next trend. It just takes a longer time in this trade! For example, the popular ‘all-white kitchen’ and the ‘mid-century modern’ styles are now being replaced with ‘70s and ‘80s looks. Mixed metals of chrome and brass, colors of greens, oranges and browns, velvet and floral patterns, and mixed-style furnishings are now becoming the new hot trends. But hey, if you still want that white kitchen, we are here for you … we just promise to spice it up!”