Milken Community Schools

Milken Community Schools is a private, community Jewish day school that serves students from across Los Angeles. Founded nearly 30 years ago, Milken offers academic curriculum rooted in Jewish values, as well as a variety of extracurricular programs, to students in grades 7–12.

Are you hopeful for the future when it comes to our kids?

“Our mission says it best: We want our children to surpass us. The Milken experi- ence provides opportunities and tools for our students to think well, take positive action and be part of something greater than themselves.     Milken alumni go into the world and make a difference by doing things like working for the city of Los Angeles, launching a start-up that gives nonprofits the technology to run their business, and being published in medical journals for their work on vaping and its effects on teens. With a strong academic foundation and a Jewish perspective on life, our children are well on their way to surpassing us.”

Does Milken Community schools support students’ passions?

“The breadth and depth of what Milken offers is astounding. We have students who compete in competitive gymnastics outside school while taking a full load of classes, singing in our Milken Honeys a cappella group, starring in a musical and being present for our experiential learning, like trips to Washington, D.C. Students can truly explore their passions—from a course in photography to sculpture, digital fabrication and global Jewish leadership.”

How do you ensure your school stands out?

“Our signature programs, pedagogy and spaces truly set us apart. Our spaces include The Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab, an MIT-inspired fabrication makerspace that allows our students to make anything they can dream. Our X-Learning pedagogy is an innovative approach to teaching and learning with student-centered, design-based instruction that encourages creativity, academic risk-taking, collaboration and empowerment. Our Architecture+Design Institute (pictured above) offers students advanced architecture and design courses. Our Tiferet Israel Fellowship gives 10th graders the opportunity to live and learn in Israel for a semester.”

In what ways does Milken create social impact in our community?

“The faculty at Milken inspire students by leading. Recently, during a fire in the Los Angeles area, students and faculty came together to reflect on the damage and devastation to the community and the environment. As a result, teachers, rabbis and students volunteered to train as fire department cadets. We have many programs where students and teachers give back to positively impact our community.”