Milken Community School

Milken Community School is an independent, Jewish pluralistic school with a diverse student body of more than 700 students. This year Milken is celebrating its 30th anniversary, culminating in a gala planned for May 1 for families, alumni, alumni parents and all those who supported its founding. 

How does your school empower kids and give them a voice?

“Social action and service in the community are integrated into the curriculum at Milken. One student created a program to help elderly people who were alone and trapped at home during the pandemic. Another student started a program called Connect Apart Together, where high school students paired with younger kids who were home for activities like gymnastics and sports. This engagement improved both the Milken students’ and the younger kids’ social-emotional health while they were cooped up during COVID-19.”  

Does your school appeal to kids through technology?

“Milken is home to one of the only MIT-inspired fabrication and innovation labs—the Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab—featuring 3D printers, laser cutters, CAD and even machinery that can make dental appliances like Invisalign! Faculty utilize the lab across all subjects, from geometry lessons to Judaic studies. Our lead Fab Lab educator encourages students to try new things, learn from their mistakes and to do so in a safe environment.”

Tell us about the Tiferet Israel Fellowship.

“The Tiferet Israel Fellowship, where 10th grade students can spend a semester in Israel, is one of our most extraordinary programs. Allowing students to experience Israel as their classroom for four months gives them a newfound connection to their Jewish heritage and offers them the opportunity to meet new people and become independent.”

Speak about the concept of playful learning.

“Playful learning is part of Milken’s X-Learning philosophy. Middle school students take courses like X-Project and Xploratory, exploring fun topics that enhance learning. With our House Program, each student is placed in a cross-divisional house that carries them through their time at Milken. Students meet people across grades and share in fun house competitions.”

What does the future hold for Milken Community School?

“Dr. Sarah Shulkind, our head of school, met recently with parents, alumni parents, students and faculty to develop the strategic vision for our future. They identified five mission-critical priorities—talent, experience, impact, innovation and transformation—that apply to attracting and retaining the best teachers; developing career enhancement and internship programs; and updating our facilities for our growing community.”