Michelle Schwartz

As an agent and managing partner of The Agency’s Sherman Oaks and Calabasas offices, Michelle Schwartz has achieved more in nine years than your average real estate agent. She is a native of Beverly Hills, having attended Beverly Hills High School and USC. She previously owned her own PR and marketing firm.

How has the job of being a Realtor changed in recent years?

“In this ever-increasing digital age of real estate, buyers and sellers conduct preemptive research online regarding real estate brokerages—and, more specifically, their agents. This amplifies the importance of a strong online presence.

Presence on online platforms is equally as important and reflective of who you are as an agent. You must not only be able to market a property effectively but yourself as well! I have internalized this shift by providing an amazing amount of customer service while becoming not only a resource for all things lifestyle-based but also an advocate for my clients on all levels. Whether a $700,000 client or a $6 million client, the service is always the same.”

How do you stay competitive in the REAL ESTATE industry?

“Working in real estate is a long game. By providing the best resources for my clients, I am investing in my business. Although the industry is competitive, I am competing against myself and not against other agents. I put all of my attention into servicing my clients while anticipating future market shifts. My ability to market and bring confidence to a transaction is what truly adds value, and thus I do not view clients as a one-time transaction but as a client for life.”

What are your specific areas of expertise?

“Sellers are becoming more aware of the limits of the ‘neighborhood specialist,’ as trust and protection are often missing with these volume producers. My clients work with me because I care about them. I can be selling a client’s house in Valley Village while simultaneously negotiating their purchase in Culver City. Last year I sold homes from Pacific Palisades to Venice, from Calabasas to Altadena. My dedication and knowledge has no boundaries.”