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Specializing in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino and the surrounding areas, Realtor® Michael Bergin has been helping Southern Californians buy and sell homes for 13 years. He founded the Compass Studio City office and was selected to be the Los Angeles representative for the Summers Global Team—working exclusively with agents who represent a global reach.

Tell us about the Summers Global Team.

“We are an exclusive group of top agents who specialize in select areas. Not only are we helping our clients find their first home locally (or abroad) but also their second home/investment property—whether it be in the Hamptons, Paris or Spain. If our client happens to be selling their home, we can now instantly market it globally with our network of top agents all around the country and the world.”

What does it take to become a top earner in your field?

“When you start, you just want to be able to pay your bills. But I discovered early on that being a real estate agent truly was my calling. I believe I rose to the top for several reasons. Understanding the business inside and out is the foundation, but for me the most important thing is my clients. I love working with people—learning their unique wants and needs, thinking outside of the box, putting all of the working pieces together and finding a way to make it all happen for them. Nothing is more rewarding for me than telling my clients, ‘Congratulations!’” 

How has real estate changed in the last decade?

“Our world has become a lot smaller. International travel and work have never been more prominent, so when I was asked to be the Los Angeles representative for the Summers Global Team, I felt extremely honored—not to mention excited for my clients.”

Why is real estate such a profitable, stable market in this country?

“In volatile times, real estate has consistently been a strong staple. Not only is it a smart investment, but for most people it’s an investment that you live in. It’s been proven to grow over time but is also a necessary place to call home.”

Have you seen a recent increase in first-time home purchases? What about multifamily real estate purchases?

“Yes, definitely, I think people are really seeing the benefits of purchasing a home and, if at all possible, owning an investment property. They realize that they own something tangible, plus it offers a way to earn continued income. It’s a win-win.”

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