Michael A. Persky, MD,
& Ari Hyman, MD

Michael A. Persky, MD, and Ari Hyman, MD, offer patients the full spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical facial plastic surgery. They are specialists in rhinoplasty, face and neck lifting, eyelid lifts, surgery for prominent ears, injectables, laser resurfacing, and noninvasive facial and body rejuvenation. Dr. Persky is board-certified in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Hyman completed a fellowship in facial plastic surgery and is board-certified in head and neck surgery.

What is the biggest challenge of working in the beauty and wellness industry?  

“Changing the belief that aesthetic procedures lead to ‘done’ or unnatural results. We pride ourselves in having a natural aesthetic and specialize in techniques that produce natural-looking results.”

Is there a common concern you often hear? 

“We hear ‘I hate my neck’ from both from men and women. As one ages, there is a loss of youthful facial volume, skin thinning and overall laxity, leading to fine and deep wrinkles, deep facial folds, and loss of a defined jawline and neck that many patients wish to regain.”

How do you stay on top of current research?

“Dr. Hyman is the editorial fellow of The Journal of the American Medical Association of Facial Plastic Surgery and has published extensively on the topic of aging-face surgery and rhinoplasty. Both doctors teach at and attend specialty conferences at least twice a year.”

What distinguishes your practice from others?

“Our practice combines the safest and most cutting-edge techniques balancing patients’ desires with their needs to collaboratively develop a realistic and effective treatment plan in a caring fashion. We are privileged to help our patients achieve and maintain their aesthetic goals.”

What is the latest new technology you offer? 

“We offer the most advanced resurfacing and facial rejuvenating technologies available to treat the skin down to the deeper layers of the face and neck. This includes laser, ultrasound and  microneedle radio-frequency devices that are safe and effective. We also utilize 2-D and 3-D image morphing technology that helps plan surgery and also allows patients to understand how rhinoplasty and aging-face surgery can improve their appearance and well-being.”