Melina B. Jampolis, MD

The Body Sculpting Studio offers several body sculpting methods including Emsculpt®, CoolSculpting® and Venus Freeze, along with advanced, medical-grade facials, HydraFacialMD, IPL, microneedling, cellulite treatment programs and personalized nutrition and weight loss programs. Dr. Melina Jampolis is an internist and board-certified physician nutrition specialist and has been in private practice for 19 years. She has been a CNN health contributor for the past decade and is a frequent guest expert on national TV shows, magazines and websites. Dr. Jampolis has written four books, including her latest, Spice Up, Slim Down, of which 100% of the profits go to charity.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running your business?

“I feel that I am truly a healer at heart, so helping people improve their health and look and feel better can have a profound impact on their lives—not just physically but also mentally. When you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, it can positively impact your entire outlook and mood, so I get to make people feel better every day.”

What are some of your top treatments?

“Our latest (and favorite) treatment is Emsculpt—a nonsurgical procedure that builds muscle and burns fat. This incredible machine gives you lean, sculpted abs or a nonsurgical butt lift with just four 30-minute treatments over two weeks with no downtime. It is the perfect addition to CoolSculpting, which addresses larger amounts of fat, along with my comprehensive nutrition and weight loss programs. I’m also very excited about our new Tribella™ total rejuvenation facial, which combines IPL, Diamond Polar and NanoFractional IF™ to truly transform your skin and dramatically improve skin texture, tone     and tightness.”

How do you maintain your own health, beauty and fitness?

“I love spinning, and last year I did my very first triathlon (at the age of 48!). I am also a big skier, so winter weekends are usually spent in Mammoth. I just had major knee surgery so this year will be more challenging, but I’m going to try to incorporate more weight training as part of my rehabilitation. I didn’t take great care of my skin when I was younger, so as I approach 50, I’m trying very hard to undo the sun damage and slow the clock as much as possible. In terms of my diet, as a nutrition doctor I’m pretty conscious about what I eat every day, but I don’t believe in deprivation or cutting anything completely out of my diet.”