LA Techs

Describe the featured project.

“These images provide a glimpse of the work we do: clean, simple TV installs with the audiovisual and control components located out of sight; distributed audio systems with low-profile ceiling speakers providing a background soundtrack throughout the house; and dedicated video conferencing systems.”

Tell us about your business.

“We design and implement technology solutions for modern homes. While we typically work with builders and architects to create spaces from the foundation up, we love to reimagine existing rooms for some new purpose. Spare bedrooms become state-of-the-art theaters or golf simulators. Dusty home offices become high-tech video conferencing suites. Whatever the need, we have a creative solution.”

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

“Aside from the preventive measures everyone is taking now—wearing masks, disinfecting tools and workspaces regularly, regular testing—the biggest change has been to what our clients need. Having reliable Wi-Fi throughout a home is now incredibly important for both working and learning, as is having a great entertainment system for when the working and learning are done. In a stressful world, we see our role as making sure technology isn’t a source of stress.”

How much of your job is actually solving clients’ problems?

“We see our entire job as solving clients’ problems,  often before they even realize they have one. Our favorite problems to solve are new or unique ones—the kinds that require as much ingenuity as technical expertise.”

Describe what it’s like to live in your neighborhood.

“Of all the places in Los Angeles, we’re glad to be in Sherman Oaks. The beautiful residential streets and the classic storefronts along Ventura Boulevard have a small-town charm while providing all the amenities of the city. We’re fully invested in working with our neighbors to modernize the community.”

I can only update one room in my home; which should it be?

“Whichever room you use most for entertainment. Whether it’s your living room, your bedroom or a dedicated media room, it’s where you spend the majority of your relaxation time. We aim to make that time as relaxing and satisfying as possible. With so many entertainment and media options now available, we can tailor your entertainment system to provide the exact experience you want.”

What have been your proudest moments during the recent crisis?

“Walking off a job site that wasn’t enforcing COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our team is the most important thing we have, and our top priority is to keep them safe and secure—even if it means losing a day of work. All companies say their staff is their main asset, but we pride ourselves on actually following through on the claim.”