LA Techs

Describe the featured project.

The featured project is the concept known as “integration,” made possible by a platform called Control4. Integration combines various home technologies into a unified system, controlled via the user interface or dashboard (pictured in the main image). The dashboard is fully customizable to suit the user’s preferences and needs.



Tell us what you’d like readers to know about your business.

LA Techs is a locally owned, full-service, low-voltage company with expertise in a wide range of technologies. We work with homeowners to design and implement customized technology solutions.

How has home technology changed over the past two years?

Technology has become ubiquitous, especially these last couple of years. This has amazing benefits, of course, but also presents a number of challenges. Our primary focus is to simplify the interaction between homeowners and the technology that has become part of their daily lives.



How do I keep a minimalist approach from being boring?

When it comes to home technology, the risk of a minimalist approach isn’t being boring—the risk is being ineffective. While technology is compatible with a minimalist aesthetic, the compatibility only goes so far … and at some point you’re losing functionality in favor of aesthetics. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. We can design a technology system with aesthetics in mind, which is even more effective when the aesthetic design keeps technology in mind. We love working alongside designers to create technology solutions that fit and even enhance their aesthetic vision.

What is the main thing clients are looking for with home automation?

Simplicity. Integration and automation eliminate many of the steps required to accomplish a given task. Many home entertainment systems require three or four remote controls—one for the TV, one for the receiver, one for each source. With an automation system like Control4, only one remote is required and many tasks can be programmed to require a single user command. Lighting and environmental controls, security and surveillance systems, window shades and door locks—a single user command could, in theory, alter all of these systems simultaneously.

What are some of the most impactful ways that technology design makes a difference in how we live?

Too often, technology can be a source of stress. Eliminating that stress is a big part of what we do. But that’s just the beginning! Wouldn’t it be nice to be woken by subtle changes in the environment—gradually brightening lights, gentle music, changes in temperature—rather than by a jarring alarm? Technology has the power to enhance daily life by creating conditions that facilitate the lives we’d like to live.