Glenna Tolbert,

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    Tolbert Center for
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The Tolbert Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness, founded by Dr. Glenna Tolbert in 2005, is a Los Angeles-area medical facility offering nonsurgical and minimally invasive techniques and procedures that help patients enjoy long-term pain relief. Dr. Tolbert, a board-certified physician specializing in physical medicine, rehabilitation and spinal cord medicine, has practiced medicine for 28 years. 

What does your company stand for?

We incorporate our love for medicine into everything we do. Our philosophy is to help people be all that God intended them to be, which is fabulous—regardless of what their insurance covers. Our goal is to remove the healing barriers and provide tools that help patients be their best selves.

What is your specialty service?

We specialize in treating patients with regenerative medicine, which makes it possible for people to find healing and avoid surgery and pills so they can get back to an active lifestyle without pain. We all have the power to heal, and it is important to get to the root cause of someone’s chronic pain—not just look to surgery and pain medications as the solution.

In what ways are you an innovator? 

I empower patients to take control of their health by introducing them to a world of wellness and healing options that insurance companies and health care plans do not offer. These services include advanced nutritional testing and supplementation, hormone optimization, and regenerative injections to heal joints and potentially prevent the need for joint replacements.

How do you encourage greatness in your team? 

I challenge my team to be bold with an idea that might save a patient’s life. I also challenge them to be cautious when others in the health care industry shun our nontraditional approaches to medicine, because they know our treatment heals our patients. Most of all, I encourage the team to take those bold steps not just to be different, but for the love of medicine.

What motivates you? 

The human spirit of my patients: The 60-year-old grandma who suffers from chronic burning nerve pain from chemotherapy, who is raising her grandson. The 72-year-old marathon runner. The Encino Little Leaguer protecting his body by using our natural treatments for sports injuries, who was drafted by the Dodgers. The 30-year-old lawyer who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident and works out before putting in an eight-hour day at the law firm. The 50-year-old writer paralyzed after a gunshot wound to the head, whose poetry sends chills down my spine.

Photographed by Thomas Cunningham IV