Giant First Construction Inc.

Describe the featured project.

We built this kitchen in Sherman Oaks,  including the 15-foot island. The other photos are of a modern farmhouse in Encino that we built new in 2021. Its master bath features a freestanding bathtub, and the backyard boasts an oversize pool.


What would you like readers to know about your business?

We are brothers who started our careers as home improvement contractors 25 years ago. We realized that the quality of work being produced in these homes was subpar, and there was a need for detailed craftsmanship. Since then we have been building homes to a higher standard, which our clients and our company are proud of.

What is an iconic California-style item that should be in every house?

Any concept that allows for an indoor-outdoor flow, like floor-to-ceiling windows and pocket doors. These additions in California homes have traditionally complemented their environment.

What relaxing features do you like to add to bathrooms?

A bathroom should be a relaxing and calming space. To achieve this, we add steam showers, heated floors and towel warmers for ultimate comfort. Wood grain and stone countertops emit a serene feeling through organic, natural tones, and subtle brass hardware adds a nice accent for a luxurious space.

Which home or garden features do you include to increase a sense of serenity?

We plant mature olive trees in front of the homes we build for a sense of serenity. They represent peace, prosperity and community.

The number of women working in the construction industry is on the rise. What specific benefits does this bring to the industry?

We believe having women in the industry brings a more thoughtful approach to building, along with a deeper understanding of what clients are looking for.

How do I keep a minimalist approach from being boring?

Mixing materials and using the best quality will always bring a stunning result to the simplest features. There is an art to mixing metal and wood or glass and concrete; these details are the most important part of any project.

What role does Realtor® Danielle Peretz play in your business?

Danielle, León’s wife, goes above and beyond, sending us potential development opportunities. A lot of agents send what they may think is an opportunity, but they don’t understand the numbers or what it takes to build. Danielle understands both and delivers. She also puts us in contact with her clients who are looking for renovations, and she helps with the interior design of our homes. A well-designed house with good finishes will always be desirable.

Project photographed by Todd Goodman