Gem Educare

Gem Educare is a daycare/preschool serving children from birth through age 5 in the San Fernando Valley community since 2016. The organization provides play-based preschool curriculum for children ages 3 and up taught by a staff of caregivers who are highly educated in the field of child development and child psychology and are CPR- and first aid-certified. Gem Educare also offers parenting classes, birthday party space rental and occasional date-night babysitting services.

How important is play for kids?

“Play is the most important part of the day. We use play 100% of the time to teach our children—guided play, dramatic play, free play, etc. We teach reading, writing, math and science through play and experimental practices. Play and emotional intelligence are the foundations of our philosophy and curriculum.”

What makes Gem Educare stand out from other schools?

“The philosophy we use is based on children’s emotional intelligence by using unique techniques of the Awareness Integration Model. We have a play-based, child-directed, emergent curriculum. Children learn to first and foremost be compassionate and kind towards themselves and others. They learn emotional regulation at a very young age. They learn how to be self-reliant and self-confident.”

In what ways do you teach healthy living?

“We provide organic, homemade food. Our children sit and eat together, focusing on the food and conversation with each other. We have a growing garden where children grow fruits and vegetables. We practice mindfulness, yoga and meditation. We have daily physical activities designed to help improve physical development. We sing and dance. Children also play outside and ride their bikes. We focus on emotional intelligence and mind and body health. We have a holistic approach.”

What do students love most about your school?

“They love to be with each other. They love the democratic environment and the respect they receive from the teachers. They also love the activities.”

How do you help children become productive adults?

“By focusing on their emotional intelligence we teach them how to be kind, compassionate and productive members of the community. They genuinely care about others. If one child cries or is sad, the rest of the group gathers around him/her and tries to make him/her happy by bringing toys, hugging and kissing.”