Empowering the Business of YOU

Executive coach Bernadette Gambino of Communication Arts Company and business consultant AnGèle Cade of Executive On the Go joined forces this year to create Empowering the Business of YOU—presenting conferences and one-on-one coaching to help women who feel stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled. Bernadette has more than 25 years of experience in mentoring, coaching and counseling individuals to help them achieve their goals. For nearly 20 years, AnGèle Cade has counseled more than 15,000 entrepreneurs across the country on starting or fixing their businesses.

Why did you decide to create this business?

AnGèle: “Bernadette and I have been working together in various capacities and realized that our drive to help others is aligned. We decided to collaborate to help others identify their barriers, reach their goals and get to the next level of business. Empowering the Business of YOU gives clients the tools to remove obstacles—giving them a clear path to success.”

Bernadette: “We wanted to bring our experience and passion to women who may be struggling with how to be successful—whether they are running a home business, running a family or just wanting the support and confidence to build a successful life.”

What can women be doing to better advance their careers?

Bernadette: “Having the strength within to be confident and assertive without being condescending. Letting truth lead in all you say and do. Listen, listen, listen.”

AnGèle: “Walk in the room ready to advocate for yourself and know your worth. In the past I undervalued my contribution and was paid accordingly. For the last decade I advocated for my stake in the deal, my portion of the contract and my value for time. As women we can advance by advocating for our equal value in compensation.”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur?

Bernadette: “Managing a household and children can be harder than running a business. My children have taught me to be a better listener and multitasker and to use my ingenuity to solve problems within the brood. In business, that is a recipe for success.”

AnGèle: “I have learned what is important, necessary and worthy of the ‘fight,’ which helps me support and serve with excellence. My happy, loving 9-year-old teaches me every day to keep my heart, mind, eyes and ears open.”