Elliot M. HirsCh, MD, Inc.

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Elliot Hirsch, MD, specializes in breast surgery and also offers nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures. He grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. Dr. Hirsch is an active researcher in the field of plastic surgery and has co-authored more than 40 manuscripts and book chapters. He is the chair of plastic surgery for Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center.

What do you consider your specialty procedure?

“I practice the full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery and specialize in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery including microsurgical and other forms of complex breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation and breast implant removal and revision. I perform several cosmetic surgery procedures that can enhance patients’ aesthetic appearance, including body contouring after massive weight loss and facial plastic surgery. In addition, we offer Botox and other fillers, chemical peels and facial treatments, lasers, and PRP to reduce wrinkles and add volume.”

Share a simple fix for appearing more refreshed and relaxed.

“Self-care is so important during this stressful time in our lives. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy, watered-down skin care to feel better. Taking a nice steamy shower to open up your pores and washing your face with a calming face wash can make a big difference. Finish with a hyaluronic acid-rich face cream before bed, like our Orá Rx HA Calming Balm, to hydrate and revitalize tired, stressed skin.”

What are you most grateful for?

“This year especially, I am so grateful for the health of my staff and family and friends. I’m also grateful that we have been able to safely remain open through the pandemic and help so many patients with essential surgeries and treatments.”

What have been your proudest moments during the recent crisis?

“Our goal was to make sure our employees remained employed full time with their health insurance and retirement plans safely intact during the crisis. We are proud to still have all of them working for us, fully employed with all benefits, and have even grown to include more staff members in the last few months.”

Tell us about your skin care line, Orá Rx.

“We launched our medical-grade skin care line, Orá Rx, to meet the needs of our patients and others looking to hydrate, soothe, protect and rebalance their skin. It is available in our office and on our website, amazon.com and orarxskin.com.”