Dennis Chernov

The Chernov Team in Studio City, owned by Dennis Chernov, closed more than $214 million in sales last year and was ranked by The Wall Street Journal as #6 in L.A. County out of 1.25 million agents. Dennis started his career in real estate at age 16 and joined Keller Williams Realty full-time in 2008. He lives in the Valley with his wife and two sons.

Why should clients place their trust in you?

“To put it simply, we care. No details are missed. From before the property is listed to when it’s on the market and all the way through the escrow period, we make sure our clients are updated every step of the way. Real estate is a referral-based business, and the first step in getting a referral is making sure your current clients are completely satisfied from the beginning to the end.”

How does your knowledge of and experience in the Valley  benefit clients?

“Focusing on selling real estate in one area allows me to be knowledgeable, updated on the most recent market activity and to anticipate what is happening next. I am a true area expert and specialist. Every city is unique, and the agent you choose should be a master in that specific area.”

What has been the highlight of your career? 

“My proudest career highlight has got to be the growth I’ve experienced, coming out of a long career in loan business, starting as a single agent in the beginning of 2008 and now growing into the top team in the San Fernando Valley—doing nearly twice as much as any other agent in the area.”

How has the job of being a Realtor changed in recent years?

“Technology has advanced so much in the last few years, and buyers and sellers are becoming more savvy and self-sufficient. Realtors have to keep up with the latest trends and constant continued education.”

What’s your favorite neighborhood in the Valley?

“One of my favorite neighborhoods in Studio City is the neighborhood of Beeman Park between Whitsett and Coldwater. It holds homes with large lots, great walkability to Ventura and access to a fantastic, quiet residential park.”

Given the low inventory here, how do you go about sourcing homes for buyers?

“We have great community connections as well as great relationships with agents in the area that control similar listings. In addition, we reach out directly through mail, email and in person. We use every platform available to meet our clients’ needs.”

How do you stay competitive in your industry?

“Our team has given extra focus to marketing. We feel that staying ahead of the game in all social media aspects has really given us a competitive edge in our industry. We have our own branding, marketing and social media teams to keep us ahead of the curve and to make sure we have some of the best marketing in the country … and our follower count on social media shows this is true!”

What are your team’s specific areas of expertise?

“We specialize in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Valley Village and Encino. We are ranked #1 in these areas for production, volume and sales.”

What are the best reasons to consider a refinance?

“One great reason to refinance is if you know you will be selling. It will allow you to pull out an equity loan to remodel and increase the home’s value. Another great reason is to lower your interest rate or shorten your amortization to a 10-, 15- or 20-year loan and pay off the home faster.”

What is your mission statement?

“Our team mission statement is Integrity, Energy, Commitment and Results. Integrity: We care for our clients wholeheartedly and believe that telling the truth is always the best way to go. Energy: Energy is contagious; when your energy is positive and people believe in one another, good things happen. Commitment: Real estate is all about relationships, and like any relationship, commitment is key. We make sure we fully understand our clients’ needs and work hard to meet those. Results: Hard work brings great results. We give our all as if your home is our own.”

How do you deal with work-related stress?

“One of my favorite ways to relieve stress is by working out—whether it’s a morning boxing class or an afternoon run. Another great stress reliever is spending time with my wife and kids.”