de Toledo High School

Formerly named New Community Jewish High School, de Toledo High School is an independent, Jewish, co-ed college preparatory high school founded in 2002. The school offers honors and Advanced Placement courses, performing arts, athletics, STEAM, robotics, a speech and debate team, senior internships, extracurricular activities, a four-year college counseling program and global education opportunities.

What makes de Toledo High School stand out?

“de Toledo High School simultaneously focuses on the pursuit of academic excellence and on creating A+ human beings. We have developed a values-based intentional community that is warm and welcoming, rigorous and challenging.”

How does your team make students feel welcome and cared for? 

“We build community, one mind at a time. Faculty members care deeply about their students and develop meaningful relationships with them. We guide each student, understanding that students have unique abilities. Teachers love teaching their subjects and are experts in their fields, demonstrating a profound depth of knowledge, wisdom and empathy. They are always willing to help and collaborate eagerly with one another.”

What are your school’s academic strengths?

“At de Toledo, we encourage our students to pursue their dreams, starting with getting into the college of their choice. Our students have matriculated to Harvard, Yale and UCLA, while others choose to follow a creative path and attend schools like Berklee College of Music. Curriculum is built to encourage teamwork and help push students out of their comfort zone so they learn how to grapple with complex issues. We value project-based learning, experiential education and the entrepreneurial spirit. We offer many academic experiences outside the classroom such as our Medical Science Academy, U.S. Biology Olympiad and Chemistry Olympiad competitions, PhysicsBowl and American Mathematics competitions.”

What special features does your campus offer? 

“Our beautiful 6-acre campus prepares students for academic and professional success. The Abronson/Lainer MakerSpace is home to stagecraft, robotics, digital fabrication, engineering and more. Students tackle challenging science courses in our dedicated labs; compete in our gym, pool and athletic fields; stir their imagination in our indoor and outdoor art spaces; and dance in our award-winning team’s studios. Daily hot lunch is offered from the Hirsch Family Kitchen. Fresh produce is grown in our organic garden, and spirulina is produced and studied in the greenhouse.”

In what ways do you teach healthy living?

“In a world that increasingly rewards unkind, trolling behaviors, de Toledo High School teaches students to articulate their ideas and perspectives in ways that foster civil conversation. Our students might be fierce advocates for their values but are able to do so in ways that encourage engagement and foundational human kindness.

We also strive to build personal character at this important developmental age. At de Toledo High School, students become inspired leaders who, in the best of Jewish tradition, will seek social justice and peace in the world. We raise up students who conduct themselves in accordance with ethical standards.”

What do students love most about de Toledo?

“Students love that they are valued for who they are in a community that inspires each student to discover his or her unique gifts and use them to better themselves and the world.”

How do you get to know your students and their interests?

“Our faculty foster rigorous academic excellence while simultaneously engaging their students intellectually and personally. Because we are committed to creating A+ human beings, our faculty are highly accessible and intentionally connect with students in clubs, sports, projects and personal growth opportunities.”

Are you hopeful for the future when it comes to our kids?

“When our alumni return to campus, they regale us with stories of their lives. While they speak about pursuing a whole spectrum of careers and advanced degrees, we take special pride in how they express a deep commitment to and involvement in tikkun olam (repairing the world).”