de Toledo High School

Pictured above:
Top, L to R: Jack Bromberg, Ann Mizrahi, Max Melcer Bottom: Dr. Raymond Marcus, Jillian Weintraub, Shani Wald-Cohain

Formerly named New Community Jewish High School, de Toledo High School is an independent, Jewish, coed college preparatory high school founded in 2002. The school offers honors and Advanced Placement courses, performing arts, athletics, STEAM, robotics, a speech and debate team, senior internships, extracurricular activities, a four-year college counseling program and global education opportunities.     Here, student Ann Mizrahi (Class of 2020) shares about her experience at de Toledo High School.

What brought you to the school in the first place?

“I remember when I toured de Toledo and the immediate love and belonging I felt on campus. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help. I knew that this place was special.”

Do you find the curriculum to be academically rigorous?

“Yes. I am a driven person and am so thankful that I have teachers/mentors here at school who see my passion and constantly further it. I was eager to take six AP courses this year, making scheduling almost impossible. The school staff worked with me to find practical solutions so we could make this happen.     Also, with the multiple opportunities the school offers, students are intrinsically motivated to work hard and do more than the typical, standard requirements. For instance, the science department noticed the growing interest of mine and other students in research-based learning and as a result founded the Medical Science Academy to offer these types of opportunities for interested students.

Each student feels they can progress at their own pace and with their individual path. The school balances a motivated and rigorous environment with a healthy, nonjudgmental, noncompetitive culture.”

What are your favorite things about your school?

“The possibilities at de Toledo are endless. School administration, teachers and college counselors work with each student to guide them while tailoring the student’s curriculum to match his or her interests—providing endless opportunities for students to be involved in and outside the school’s community. For example, my involvement in speech and debate led me to be elected to the West Hills Neighborhood Council, where I currently serve on the Education and Health Committee and the Homeless-ness Committee.     In such a supportive environment, strong meaningful relationships are organically formed. It is common to see a senior spending time with and supporting a freshman or vice versa. I am happy I had this experience of a school that I could call home.”