Danielle Peretz

For more than two decades, Danielle Peretz has lived and worked in Studio City—buying, selling and renovating countless homes while providing real estate investment services for builders and luxury developers and assisting buyers and sellers across Los Angeles. She has worked with The Agency since 2018. 

Take a risk or play it safe in business?

There is truly a balance of both in every major decision I make. I live by the saying “high risk, high reward” and challenge myself to apply not only sentimental valuation but also concrete evidence to support my decision. In order to achieve the lifestyle you dream of, taking calculated risks is necessary. There is always something to lose—money, time—but it’s imperative to consider how much there is to gain.

What is your advice for a woman just starting in your line of work?

Embody the role of a lifelong student. Always be ready to learn from experiences. Question the “experts.” Be open to change. Expose yourself to new ideas. Learn new skills. Never be satisfied with what you think you know, and more importantly, do not consider yourself an expert. Every single deal in real estate is specific and unique; it is impossible to apply the same methods to each transaction and expect the same result. As a Realtor you are dealing with emotions, life savings, sentimental values and the dream of homeownership. Consider these facets of the job, and apply your broad range of skills accordingly.

What puts a spring in your step and keeps you feeling energized?

My clients’ happiness and spending time with my family. I treat every transaction as if it were my very own and become personally invested in securing happiness for my clients. Going home to my beautiful family gives me all the energy I need after a busy day. Having an intimate dinner with my supportive husband, our three beautiful children and our precious dog is the highlight of my day.

Describe your leadership style.

I pride myself on being a team player. Being honest and considerate, motivated yet humble, and exercising patience and dedication provides my team with the necessary skills to succeed. Being supportive and available 100% of the time to my clients is what I aim for, and I understand that to do that, I need open communication with my team. Being a team player is everything!