Danielle Peretz

For more than two decades, Danielle Peretz has lived, worked and volunteered in her Studio City community. She has bought, sold and renovated countless homes personally while providing real estate investment services for builders and luxury developers and assisting first-time buyers and homeowners across Los Angeles. She has worked with The Agency since 2018.

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

“Being myself is the key. I handle every transaction as if it’s my own. I’m 100% supportive and available to my clients at any time.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“Having an engaging personality, hustle and tenacity, honesty and integrity, being self-motivated, taking the time and dedication to understand the market, and truly loving what you do.”

What could women be doing to better advance their careers?

“They could expand their skill set and embody the role of a lifelong student. While it is important for women to play to their strengths, i would suggest they expose themselves to new ideas, experiences and challenges to help develop a new skill—or even master one that may not be their strong suit. The more well-rounded one is, the more one is capable of achieving.”

Is risk-taking usually worth the reward?

“If you ever want to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll have to start taking calculated risks. It is absolutely necessary to take chances in order to achieve anything great in life. As with any risk, there is always something to lose when it come to your business, reputation, money and time—which are also the very same things you stand to gain! Taking risks will enrich your life and make your career more rewarding.”

What is the best part of your day?

“Family is the most important thing to me, and the best part of my day is coming home to my wonderful husband, our three beautiful kids and our precious dog and having dinner together after a productive day at work.”

When did you move to this area?

“I first moved to Studio City 30 years ago with my parents and my five younger siblings. I love Studio City and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”