Cosmetic Injectables Center

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    Sherly Soleiman, MD

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    14460 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks

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    Catherine Burke Rogers, RN, Nisa Petrosian, RN, Sherly Soleiman, MD, Ellen Drabkin, RN

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    Women in Business

The team at Cosmetic Injectables Center specializes in noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate and enhance aesthetic features for their patients. Dr. Sherly Soleiman, a board-certified physician, started the practice more than 10 years ago.

How does your team perform at the top of their game?

“By sharing thoughts, news and techniques with each other. We have a wonderful company culture that shows in our work and in our patients’ appreciation of what we do.”

Tell us about Cosmetic Injectables Center.

Dr. Sherly Soleiman: “We specialize in cosmetic injectables such as muscle relaxants and fillers. I have a true passion for what I do and take a lot of pride in the fact that I am a physician on-site providing services for clients. I’m a highly trained clinical specialist in the field of injectables, and I teach other doctors and providers state-of-the-art techniques and proper procedures. I am proud to say that after 10 years in practice, Cosmetic Injectables Center was recognized as a Top 250 office in the U.S. by Allergan. We deeply care about our clients and provide natural-looking results as well as a high level of customer service.”

When did you choose to work in this field?

Nisa Petrosian: “Since I was a little girl, I have always had a love and passion for art and creation. I always felt best when I was able to express myself through a creative outlet. Fast-forward many years, paintings, sculptures and doodles later, and I am an advanced nurse injector working with a top team and expressing my art through aesthetics—combining my passion and my career.”

 What is your favorite networking activity?

Ellen Drabkin: “My favorite way of networking is talking to people, friends, acquaintances, even strangers, telling them about what we do at Cosmetic Injectables Center, sharing my passion of injectables, educating about our industry. I believe that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement.”

Who are some Women in Business you admire?

Catherine Burke Rogers: “Lynda Resnick, Maria Shriver, Darlene Gartrell, Dr. Sherly Soleiman. They are all women who are accomplished in their fields of expertise. Family is important in their lives; they are mothers, wives and professionals. They are always challenging themselves, growing, advancing. And they are polished—always have themselves put together so well.”