Conor Lynch Foundation

Featured Charity: SoCal Families for Safe Streets  |  818-429-2110  |

Jeri Dye Lynch started the Conor Lynch Foundation in 2011 to support programs that raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and promote the safety of runners, pedestrians, cyclists and young drivers. Her 16-year-old son, Conor, was killed by a distracted hit-and-run driver in 2010, and she has worked for the last nine years as an advocate for street safety. Jeri’s Featured Charity, SoCal Families for Safe Streets, offers support, action and advocacy for individuals who have lost loved ones or have been seriously injured themselves in preventable traffic crashes. SoCal FSS supports Vision Zero—a program that aims to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.

Why did you choose this specific Featured Charity?

“My personal goals and those of the Conor Lynch Foundation were easily aligned with the goals of SoCal FSS and Vision Zero, so it was a natural fit. Also, as a bigger group we can be much more impactful and provide more support for each other. The gift we can give to people is the sharing of the stories of our loved ones who died in traffic crashes, which are totally preventable.”

Tell us about a meaningful campaign you’re working on.

“Nearly a decade after my son was struck and killed while crossing the street, the intersection where he died has a new feature: a vivid, multicolored disc about the size of a dinner plate that casts a rainbow shadow across the pavement. The memorial, called Rainbow Halo, was the first of 100 to be installed at intersections across Los Angeles where drivers, pedestrians and cyclists were killed in traffic collisions. I was really proud to receive the first Rainbow Halo, and I am working with SoCal FSS in conjunction with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to help install the other 99 Rainbow Halos—including several in the Valley. Each memorial will include a rainbow disc and a plaque, designed to raise awareness about traffic safety.”

How can we take the best care of ourselves and our families this time of year?

“By focusing on what we’re doing—whether it be driving or walking or cycling. I would ask all drivers to put your cell phone away so you’re not tempted to answer it. Pedestrians should not be distracted or on their phones. It’s a busy festive time of year; people need to stay vigilant and remember that no text or call is worth it!”