Featured Charity: The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Chloe Ross has worked for decades as a music teacher, often teaching the children of former students. She plays and teaches classical music—mostly piano. Chloe is a philanthropist who serves as a board member for a variety of organizations.

Why do you support the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center?

“One of their family members was diagnosed with cancer and there were no cancer centers in the area, so Roy and Patricia Disney created the center to care not just for themselves but for our whole community. Isn’t that amazing? We gave to the center because of Dr. Raul Mena, the doctor who treated my late husband, Lee, for cancer. Dr. Mena highly recommended investing in genetics and genomics because that work empowers patients with actionable information to get ahead of cancer—often before it starts. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Disney family for creating this cancer center. It’s such a special, lifesaving place.”

Tell us about one of the most meaningful fundraising events you have attended.

“There was an event on the roof of the Disney Family Cancer Center, and Richard M. Sherman played at the event. He is the composer who wrote the song “A Spoonful of Sugar” for the film Mary Poppins. It was magical! He played that song, along with a few others that hadn’t been performed live. It was an unforgettable experience.”

What are some simple ways our readers can give back?

“Whenever people ask me how they can give, I always refer them to Renée Bianco, the executive director of the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Foundation. I also would tell them about the Genetics Center, since that is the future of medicine and people may not think of it right away.”

What was the best gift you ever received?

“After my husband’s diagnosis, we were told that he didn’t have much time. But thanks to Dr. Mena, we were given the gift of nine more years that Lee wouldn’t have had otherwise. We took full advantage of it, traveling the world and making beautiful memories with our family. Dr. Mena is truly an angel.”