Chaminade College Preparatory

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    10210 Oakdale Ave., Chatsworth
    7500 Chaminade Ave., West Hills

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    818-347-8300  |  818-363-8127

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    Patricia Fernandez

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    All About Kids

Chaminade College Preparatory is a coeducational Catholic school in the Marianist tradition, serving nearly 2,000 students in grades 6–12. Students explore their interests through a variety of clubs, organizations, events and service opportunities.

How do you promote a positive school culture?

“Family spirit is strong at Chaminade. We strive to build a community where every student can be involved in campus activities through a variety of clubs, organizations, events and service opportunities. Our students consider Chaminade more than just a school community. It is a home away from home.”

In what ways do you create social impact in your community?

“We work toward deepening the faith of our students through spiritual retreats and community service opportunities to foster relationship-building with God, self and others. Chaminade students exemplify the Marianist values of service, justice and peace. They learn to become contributing citizens who are compassionate and informed about social issues and are committed to addressing and resolving injustices.”

Tell us about your teachers.

“Throughout the seven-year experience, our teachers encourage students to explore their interests and discover new talents in an engaging, nurturing environment. Our dedicated teachers take pride in nurturing, mentoring and preparing students for academic success.”

What steps is your school taking to embrace technology?

“Students at Chaminade are actively engaged in their learning through a curriculum that emphasizes student-centered learning. Collaboration among students is facilitated through project-based learning and the use of our one-to-one, tablet-based technology—enabling students to take an active role in their learning.”

Chaminade also supports the maker mindset and gives students the essential skills for adapting to a technology-driven future. Our comprehensive approach centers on hands-on applications of academic concepts, creative use of technology and integration of humanities to support students in becoming the creative problem-solvers of tomorrow regardless of their chosen path. We have designed innovative spaces that allow our students to invent, share ideas and be creative.”

Do you encourage students to follow their passions?

“At Chaminade, learning isn’t just limited to the classroom. Whether it’s through our vibrant visual and performing arts program or through our outstanding athletics program, Chaminade inspires students to explore their passions and pursue their talents and interests across many dimensions. Our extensive extracurricular and cocurricular offerings include Live Stream Crew, Eagle Business, Eagle Engineering (robotics), speech and debate, mock trial, band, Chaminade Players (drama), C-Notes choir, concert choir and many more.”