Campbell Hall

Set on a 15-acre campus in Studio City, Campbell Hall first opened its doors on February 7, 1944, and is now celebrating its 75th anniversary. The school offers a wide range of opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, for students in kindergarten through 12th grade to pursue their interests and talents.

What makes Campbell Hall stand out?

“We are an inclusive community with a richly complex and multilayered academic curriculum complemented by an equally focused concentration on social-emotional learning and spiritual development for daily life.”

What are your school’s academic strengths?

“Campbell Hall is committed to high academic standards, with a carefully planned K–12 curricular arc to support each student’s academic growth throughout their time here. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning has led us to develop cutting-edge curriculum including the creation and implementation of the high school Campbell Hall Advanced Inquiry (CHAI) courses, which allow students and faculty the ability to engage more fully with college-level coursework.”

How does family involvement make Campbell Hall a better place?

“Parents and grandparents are valued members of our community and partners central to the success of our students. We welcome their talents and skills as volunteers in the classroom, enthusiasm and spirit at athletic and performing arts events, and caring support of the school’s outreach initiatives. Our active Parents’ Association and Grandparents’ Committee offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities that enhance the entire community’s Campbell Hall experience.”

What do students love most about your school?

“At Campbell Hall you can do it all. Students love that they are able to explore a multitude of interests while balancing a challenging and engaging academic life. Later start times in grades 7–12 and additional study halls for middle school athletes help students manage their time. Elementary students practice team sports during physical education classes during the school day to free up afternoons so they can pursue additional extracurricular activities.”

Describe your learning environment.

“Faculty engage students in open inquiry that promotes academic curiosity and rigor in a warm and caring environment. Teachers take the time to get to know each student; studies have shown that these kinds of connections are key to optimizing learning. Campbell Hall offers these connections in abundance.”