Camp Funtime

Camp Funtime is a traditional day camp that has been providing summer programs to children in the Los Angeles community for more than 60 years. Owned and operated by Westmark School—and directed by Linda Stephenson and Ali Guerrero since 2007— Camp Funtime offers a variety of daily activities, weekly field trips, theme weeks and special events.

What programs do you offer?

“We offer Cub Camp for children ages 3 to 4, Day Camp for children entering kindergarten through grade 5, Campers in Leadership Training for preteens entering grades 6 and 7, and a Junior Counselor program for teens entering grades 9 through 12. Campers participate in a wide variety of activities including swimming, sports, archery, gymnastics, rock wall climbing, gaga, science, art, nature, karate, dance, yoga, music, drama and so much more!”

What feedback do you get from your youngest customers?

“Our very youngest campers, who come to us at ages 3 and 4, get to experience what camp is all about in a setting geared just for them. These campers join our Cub Camp program where they get to participate in regular camp activities at an age-appropriate level. They are seen around camp with the biggest smiles and the loudest group cheers!”

What is your driving force every day?

“Our driving force is to make sure our campers walk away with positive experiences, memories and friendships at the end of each summer. To us, camp is a special place that we want to turn into lifelong memories.”

How do you ensure your team is happy in their work?

“Our team, comprised of counselors, lifeguards, specialists and directors, works to make sure each camper’s experience is a positive one. Our counselors are the true glue that keeps our team together and are the real-life superheroes to our campers. To ensure a happy team, communication and support is key. With weekly meetings, we listen and strive to support our counselors in all ways possible.”

Are you hopeful for the future when it comes to our kids?

“Yes, we are hopeful that our campers will take the skills they have gained from summer camp and use them throughout their future. We strive to instill kindness and inclusivity along with positive character development through a variety of daily activities and fun!”