Berkeley Hall

Berkeley Hall is an independent school founded in 1911 by sisters Mabel Cooper and Leila Cooper. Serving students in nursery through eighth grade, the school combines rigorous academics with a variety of visual and performing arts, athletics, outdoor education, leadership and enrichment programs. Berkeley Hall’s 66-acre campus in the Santa Monica Mountains features playgrounds, sports fields, a 25-yard swimming pool, an amphitheater and a performing arts center.

How does your school empower kids and give them a voice?

“We help students believe in their unlimited potential. This idea can make all the difference in a student’s attitude about learning and their willingness to grow and take on new challenges. A sixth grader who never before sang for an audience recently joined the chorus and a few weeks later gave a solo performance for the entire school. A typical day at Berkeley Hall is filled with such moments. Our teachers love inspiring students to surprise themselves and consider new possibilities.”

Does your school appeal to adventure-seekers?

“Every child possesses a natural sense of curiosity, and we provide many opportunities for young people to explore their world in fun and safe ways. Every fall our middle schoolers take part in outdoor education programs that take them across the state to try activities like wilderness hiking, rock climbing and snorkeling while bonding with classmates. There are also many adventures to be had right on our campus, where students can try a new team sport, take up urban farming, student government, Mock Trial or perform at our annual variety show. Our supportive and inclusive community brings out the spirit of adventure in every student and lets them have new experiences in a nurturing environment.”

What does your school offer that makes kids say “Wow!”?

“Our stunning campus is a source of inspiration and gratitude for us all. Our teachers love using it as an outdoor classroom, and we often see students in science, digital photography, filmmaking, gardening, art and music doing their learning outside. Our talented, creative teachers bring their subjects to life and inspire students to love learning daily.”

Does your school give kids a window into other cultures?

“We take pride in our diverse, inclusive community that brings together students from different races, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. We have many international families from countries as far away as Hong Kong, Kenya and Argentina. Cultural diversity is very much a lived and shared experience at Berkeley Hall. We welcome families from different parts of the world and make sure they have a smooth transition with a buddy system and community events.”