Berkeley Hall School

Berkeley Hall School was founded in 1911 by sisters Mabel Cooper and Leila Cooper and today enrolls students from nursery through eighth grade. In addition to its academic curriculum, the school offers a wide variety of visual and performance arts, a competitive athletic program, enrichment classes, Outdoor Education trips, student-led clubs and school government. Berkeley Hall’s 66-acre campus includes playgrounds, sports fields, swimming pool, outdoor amphitheater and a performing arts center.

What makes your school stand out?

“Two things: Every professional educator at Berkeley Hall deeply believes that every student comes with unlimited God-given potential. And we take responsibility for being highly professional about our teaching because we understand that learning cannot truly improve unless teaching and classroom lessons continuously improve.”

Describe your learning environment.

“A prospective parent recently said, ‘We’ve visited a lot of different schools and hear a lot of talk about growth mindset, but Berkeley Hall is the only school where you’re teaching it and living it every day.’ Berkeley Hall provides a safe atmosphere in which exploration, discovery and healthy risk-taking are not only accepted but expected.”

What is the #1 way Berkeley Hall helps children become productive adults?

“Berkeley Hall students are taught to be collaborative, flexible thinkers and understand that their intelligence and abilities are fluid and will continue to grow as they courageously engage with problems, experience setbacks, pick themselves back up and come at issues from different angles—often with the input of others. This kind of flexibility, collaboration and resilience will transfer to any kind of work.”

How do you ensure your teachers and faculty are happy in their work?

“Berkeley Hall teachers and staff are helping students—and each other—drop self-imposed labels and limits. Our professional educators work together to better their own practice as well, resulting in deeper academic learning for our students. This makes us happy and fulfilled.”

How does Berkeley Hall make our community a better place?

“Our students think of themselves as difference-makers, world-changers. One graduate, who had great success in Berkeley Hall’s Mock Trial program, went on to the top-rated independent high school in L.A. When there was no faculty advisor to sponsor a Mock Trial team, the alum found a teacher to sign on as the advisor and said, ‘You don’t even have to show up; I’m going to run this.’ He ran the program, took the team to state and has now been accepted into law school at UCLA.”